Faculty Achievements

Dr. Shantakumar B Patil and Dr. Premjyoti G Patilpresented a paper in “International Conference on Information Technology & Computer Science” at Pattaya, Thailandand won the Best Paper award in July 2015. 


Dr. Shantakumar B Patil, Dr. Premjyoti G Patil andMr.Gopinath. A. Represented a paper in “International Conference on Networking and Computer Applications” at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and won the Best Paperaward in July 2015.


Dr. Shantakumar B Patil, Dr. Premjyoti G Patil, Mr. Bhargava R, and Mr. Pramoda R,presented paper on “Techniques Which Bring Skywalk to Platform” in International Interdisciplinary Conference on Engineering Science & Managementheld at Hotel Crown, Goa on dated 17.12.2016, and they won the best paperaward.


  • Mr. John J P presented a paper in National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Computer Science & Applications” at Kolenchery, Ernakulam district of Keralaand won the Best Paper award in February 2013.
  • Mr. Bhargava R, Mr. Pramoda R, Dr. Premjyoti G Patil, Dr. Shantakumar B Patil presented a paper in “International Conference on Recent Advances in Science and Engineering (ICRASE)-2015” at Bengaluru and won the Best Paper award in May 2015.

Students Achievements

Neha Sharma & Suyash Sorte of VII sem   presented a paper in “International Conference on Information Technology & Computer Science” at Pattaya, Thailandand andwon the Best Paper award in July 2015.


  • Two projects of final year students were awarded with the Best Project (Engineering) of the Year 2015-2016 title,sponsored by KSCST (Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology).

Lavanya M, Neha Sharma, P SaiSnigdha and PavithraShetty guided        by Dr. Premjyoti G Patil for the project “WSN Based Advanced   Agricultural Vehicle Operated using Smart Phone – Agribot” in 2016

Bindushree M, Navya C R, Ranjitha N and Thejaswini K M guided by      Mr. Gopinath A R for the project “Advanced 3D Image Processing             Technique for Medical field” in 2016.


Students with “Best Project (Engineering) of the year 2015-2016” by KSCST


Best Project Award Conducted by IISc in the year 2013

  • Naveen B S

  • Vikramaditya N

  • Swetha M

  • Smitha R




Meet and Greet with Milka Singh by Mr. Bhargav Sridhar











Also Mr. Bhargav Sridhar Was

  • Techno-Champ – John Deere, Pune, India.

  • Innovation Jockeys – Accenture, Bengaluru

  • Digital Innovation Jockey – Yahoo, Bengaluru












Niharika and Rubiyan won the II prize in Chess(Zonal Competition) conducted  VTU

Academic Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Sports Activities

Megha Singh (1NC16CS063) participated in NATIONAL CRDET CORPS at Torangallu 2018.