Programmes offered

  1. B.E- Computer Science started in 2001
  2. M.Tech- Computer Science started in 2013.
  3. Ph. D -started in 2013.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is outstanding in every aspect of its function, excellence in teaching and research, and provides a broader educational experience. The experienced faculty of the department work rigorously to empower students with latest technologies so as to meet the increasing demands of the industries by conducting regular industry – institution interaction programmes.

The department aims not only to develop competitive individuals with excellent academic records who can innovatively address wide range of technical and societal problems,  but also strives to create strong leaders who can rise to the expectations by initiating team works among the student community through workshops, conferences, clubs and technical forums. The department has well equipped R&D, a platform where individuals can use their Learning skills to enhance knowledge blended with ethical values and pursue new areas of expertise to excel in their career.

Programme Objectives

  1. Provide quality, cutting-edge educational experience for students at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph. D levels.

  2. Demonstrate proficiency in the analysis of complex problems and the synthesis of solutions to those problems.

  3. To ensure that students are exposed to high-level programming languages and operating systems Contribute towards the advancement of computing science and technology.

  4. To impart strong communication skills and the ability to function effectively as part of a team.

  5. To enable the students to understand the impact of social, cultural and global aspects in their professional practice.

  6. To enable the students to design and develop full-fledged software applications.