Details of Research Center

Guide Name: Dr. Srikanta Murthy K

Domain: Digital Image Processing

Number of Students Guiding/Awarded: Pursuing : 3                                                           Awarded : 5

Guide Name: Dr. Shantakumar B Patil

Domain: Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence

Number of Students Guiding/Awarded: Pursuing : 5​

Guide Name: Dr. Y. S. Kumar Swamy

Domain: Data Mining

Number of Students Guiding/Awarded: Pursuing : 6                                                             Awarded : 6

Guide Name: Dr. Premjyoti G. Patil

Domain: Control System, Computer Network

Number of Students Guiding/Awarded: Pursuing : 2

Research & Development

ISRO Sponsored Project

Title : “Software Framework For Hosting, Application Programming Interface / Modules For Artificial Intelligence, Heterogeneous Parallel Computing And Device Drivers For Various Scientific Equipment In Ex- Planetary Vehicle To The End/Remote User  “

Project Budget : 17 Lakhs

Principal Investigator : Dr. Y. S. Kumaraswamy

  • Hybrid FMEA on Autonomous vehicle: Modified FMEA model to support decision making for optimum path planning.

  • Intelligent Rover v1.0: Designed and developed 6 wheels, autonomous miniature vehicle system with on-board x86 based computing system, with 3D LIDAR camera ranging up to 4 meters. Capable of executing basic vehicle functionality. On-Board Lithium Polymer battery and safe power management system for drive and computer. Independent 4 wheel drive configuration.

  • Intelligent Rover v2.0: Designed and developed 6 wheels, autonomous miniature vehicle system with on-board AMD based computing system. Functionality similar to v1.0 prototype. Four Additional Ultrasonic range sensors with 3D LIDAR cameras. Better Power management system with sleeker and lighter design. Independent 4 wheel rear drive configuration with front electronic steering system.

  • Autonomous 2 wheeled Rover v1.0: Designed and developed autonomous miniature 2 wheels vehicle system with on-board ARM 11 based computing system. 4 Ultrasonic range sensors with stereo cameras and 2 dynamic gyros for vertical and tilt stability. Rear wheel drive configuration with front electronic steering system.

research students:

1 ANOOP BHARGAV DR.SRIKANTA MURTHY K VTU Development of image processing techniques for visually impaired to perceive environment
2 SANGEETHA DR.SRIKANTA MURTHY K VTU Detection of breast cancer at an early stage using novel  techniques of digital image processing
3 SAVITA CHANNAGOUDAR DR.SRIKANTA MURTHY K VTU Design and development of efficient algorithms for age invariant face recognition with pose variation
4 GOPINATH A R DR. SHANTAKUMAR  B PATIL VTU A novel method of query processing in multi-user scenario for wan using dm techniques
5 PRASANNA LAKSHMI G S DR. SHANTAKUMAR  B PATIL VTU Time based security and performance improvement for ma nets
6 TARANATH  L DR. SHANTAKUMAR  B PATIL VTU Medical decision support system for the missing the data using data mining
7 HARSHAVARDHANA T DODDAMANI DR. SHANTAKUMAR  B PATIL VTU Study and analysis of the  open source software in the public administration of india
8 YOGEESH A C DR. SHANTAKUMAR  B PATIL VTU A novel secure energy efficient hierarchical routing protocol for large scale wireless sensor network
9 SWETHA VAUR DR. PREMJYOTI PATIL VTU Satellite based lossless image compression using wavelet transform and combination of run =length and arithmetic coding
10 NAGASHREE  N DR. PREMJYOTI PATIL VTU Human emotion recognition using brain computing interface
11 KIRAN M P DR. PREMJYOTI PATIL VTU An hybrid approach  to defense against multiple attacks in the internet of things botnet